Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Welcome Post

Welcome to my blog, I'm Iriya!

I'm a Gnome Warlock on Ghostlands EU and I started playing around September '07. Some of you might consider me a late TBC bloomer, and it's true. I originally wanted to roll an Undead Warlock back then, but after a whole 2 levels my friends on the Alliance side figured out why they couldn't talk to me. After some tough consideration I ended up deleting my hordie! Those 2 levels seemed to take forever.. I had no idea what I was getting into.

So I started my little gnome and realised that there was a quest I didn't notice on my undead lock. My first trainer wanted to show me the ways of the warlock. It was the quest that made me stick to being a warlock forever. It was the quest that got me the awesomest spell ever. One that can summon the biggest(....), baddest, cutest demon ever; Belfip! I didn't know it then, actually I found him quite annoying, but Belfip was indeed decked out in awesome.

I started steaming through the levels and I hit the big one, level 10. That's when I got a new demon, my big blueberry Mezzthak. Of course I found him awesomer than Belfip back then, but then again, what did I know? I was only level 10.

Eventually I hit level 60. I joined some guild called The Ancient Ones which focused on getting people attuned for Onyxia (Yes, they were level 70s and trying to down Onyxia, no I wasn't very smart back then). A few months passed here and there and eventually we hit December, month of gift giving, and in my case, the month I decided to get TBC.

There I was, a gnome in Outland. I started levelling together with my hunter friend who got the expansion at the same time as me and we had some fun moments. Eventually I got to 70 and I had decided to leave The Ancient Ones, I mean they hadn't even killed Onyxia yet, honestly. And that's when I joined Phoenix Knights. It was the guild my mage friend was in, and we enjoyed those raids together.. most of the time atleast (you know I never asked you to pass those pants) So I stayed in that guild for a while, cleared Kara a couple million times and after a while things went awry.

Eventually that guild disbanded after tragic events which I don't really remember and we reformed it under the name From The Ashes. Some of you on Ghostlands might recognise it. I didn't last long in there, I wanted bigger things. I heard of a guild called Hide n Seek which at the time were trying to clear SSC, but before I joined they had disbanded and formed..

Cake! I joined this guild thinking I'd be moving up to the next tier of content from Kara, which would be T5, but nope. On my application I was at 10/11 Kara, they accept me, and there I was, dumped straight into the epitome of content at the time. We started clearing through Hyjal and BT slowly. We got hit by summer raiding syndrome a bit, but I didn't notice much at the time, I was too busy enjoying the raids.

Fast forward a bit, we downed Illidan before 3.0 hit. 3.0 hit, we clear Naxxramas and I get my Plagued Proto-Drake from the 10man achievement and here we are at Ulduar. Me and Belfip together trying to be the awesomest evil duo ever.


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