Friday, July 31, 2009

And here we are now

Only half an hour ago, we killed Yogg-Saron on Heroic mode. We've worked at him for weeks, but what better opening post for a blog than a celebratory one?

Thank you Cake for such an awesome raid!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Welcome Post

Welcome to my blog, I'm Iriya!

I'm a Gnome Warlock on Ghostlands EU and I started playing around September '07. Some of you might consider me a late TBC bloomer, and it's true. I originally wanted to roll an Undead Warlock back then, but after a whole 2 levels my friends on the Alliance side figured out why they couldn't talk to me. After some tough consideration I ended up deleting my hordie! Those 2 levels seemed to take forever.. I had no idea what I was getting into.

So I started my little gnome and realised that there was a quest I didn't notice on my undead lock. My first trainer wanted to show me the ways of the warlock. It was the quest that made me stick to being a warlock forever. It was the quest that got me the awesomest spell ever. One that can summon the biggest(....), baddest, cutest demon ever; Belfip! I didn't know it then, actually I found him quite annoying, but Belfip was indeed decked out in awesome.

I started steaming through the levels and I hit the big one, level 10. That's when I got a new demon, my big blueberry Mezzthak. Of course I found him awesomer than Belfip back then, but then again, what did I know? I was only level 10.

Eventually I hit level 60. I joined some guild called The Ancient Ones which focused on getting people attuned for Onyxia (Yes, they were level 70s and trying to down Onyxia, no I wasn't very smart back then). A few months passed here and there and eventually we hit December, month of gift giving, and in my case, the month I decided to get TBC.

There I was, a gnome in Outland. I started levelling together with my hunter friend who got the expansion at the same time as me and we had some fun moments. Eventually I got to 70 and I had decided to leave The Ancient Ones, I mean they hadn't even killed Onyxia yet, honestly. And that's when I joined Phoenix Knights. It was the guild my mage friend was in, and we enjoyed those raids together.. most of the time atleast (you know I never asked you to pass those pants) So I stayed in that guild for a while, cleared Kara a couple million times and after a while things went awry.

Eventually that guild disbanded after tragic events which I don't really remember and we reformed it under the name From The Ashes. Some of you on Ghostlands might recognise it. I didn't last long in there, I wanted bigger things. I heard of a guild called Hide n Seek which at the time were trying to clear SSC, but before I joined they had disbanded and formed..

Cake! I joined this guild thinking I'd be moving up to the next tier of content from Kara, which would be T5, but nope. On my application I was at 10/11 Kara, they accept me, and there I was, dumped straight into the epitome of content at the time. We started clearing through Hyjal and BT slowly. We got hit by summer raiding syndrome a bit, but I didn't notice much at the time, I was too busy enjoying the raids.

Fast forward a bit, we downed Illidan before 3.0 hit. 3.0 hit, we clear Naxxramas and I get my Plagued Proto-Drake from the 10man achievement and here we are at Ulduar. Me and Belfip together trying to be the awesomest evil duo ever.

So this is my blog.

And it's awesome.

This post is really only here so I can see what the elements of the post layout will look like. I'm hoping this blog will end up being something I'll update daily.

Small tidbit update, I'm probably just gonna use this blog post as my sandbox for trying to learn HTML, so you can pretty much ignore anything that happens here!