Saturday, August 22, 2009

Warlocks in Cataclysm.. instant fear what?

So I've been tuning in to the live stream, and I see they decided to bring up warlocks first in the class panel.

Soul shards are GONE.. from bags!

Instead we're gonna have three soul shards on cooldown per battle, which seems pretty neat. They're gonna be part of our interface, much like the death knight runes, but they only refresh out of combat.

These shards are gonna be used for a single, 30 second cooldown ability that's off the GCD. All other spells that had a soul shard cost no longer need a shard. Once you use this, currently dubbed 'Soul Burn' spell it will power up your next spell. These are the spells it affects so far:

Fear - Makes it instant
Death Coil - Longer horror time, and a larger heal
Summoning - Instant
Soul Fire - Instant
Searing Pain - Next three will crit

These look very neat, and will definitely make soul shards fun. I'm definitely looking forward to whatever comes out from the class panels.

With regards to itemization, they've also made some rather drastic changes. For one, spellpower is gone. Instead, intellect will provide spellpower, along with mana of course. We also won't be needing spirit anymore, which in a way I wasn't too happy about. I enjoy juggling many different stats.

That's all I've heard for warlocks so far. I'll stay tuned tomorrow and post anything new I hear.


Anonymous said...

Instant fear + searing pain + soul fire + Dots and then if their still alive death coil = a happy warlock

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