Sunday, September 6, 2009

Warlocks in the Coliseum

So all the bosses in the Coliseum are finally unlocked, and I've downed them all on the normal version already. Here's some things I've managed to pick up from each encounter that would help you do that little extra more.

Gormok - This fight is extremely easy and you shouldn't need to do anything other than stand and kill stuff. It's a good idea to run into the melee if you get an annoying snobold on your back, that way it gets hit with their AoE attacks.

Acidmaw and Dreadscale - At the start of the fight try and get a Demonic Circle up near your Dreadscale tank. This way you can make sure you get rid of your Paralytic Toxin as fast as possible.

Icehowl - This fight is extremely trivial, however if you are having a knockback with the charge here's a good tip. Drop a circle, and strafe a bit left or right from it. After the knockback stun wears off you can quickly teleport out of the way if you're the charge target.

Lord Jaraxxus - There's nothing complicated to this fight. if your guild asks you to drop the legion flames on the outer edge, feel free to drop a circle there to please them.

Faction Champions - I don't look for dps in this fight, but rather control and efficient CCing. At this point I give Belfip a break and bring out my felhunter, Nheekun. I've noticed the mages are too busy pretending they're doing anything by sheeping random stuff, so they don't actually interrupt the main first targets; the healers. I put Nheekun's spell lock on manual and do the interrupts. Use your fear as much as you want, on anything. Don't bother trying to keep one target focus feared, cause eventually DR will hit and they'll be immune to it. Once you fear one NPC, swap to another. Keep your death coil ready. It's happened to me twice where three of them bunch up on you. Death coil gives you that extra second for your tanks to react.

Twin Val'kyr - Probably my favourite fight in this raid. Keep your circle up on the opposite portal for quick swapping.

Anub'arak - Nothing really special to do here. If your guild asks you to nuke the adds, dump a CoD on Anub'arak.


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