Monday, August 10, 2009

The UI revamp

So today I decided to make a bold move. I deleted my Interface and WTF folders, and emptied the recycle bin. I will stop using UI packages and instead make my own. Starting from scratch! The two aims behind this whole thing are to stop relying on updates for the UI packages I use every patch, and to learn to properly configure addons.

The biggest challenge right now is that I want to make a UI that's gonna cater to all my alts, as well as Iriya. It also needs to be somewhat usable before my next raid. I started with a short list that I'll expand as stuff goes along to keep track of what I need.
  • Raid Leading
  • Raiding
  • Action Bars
  • Unit Frames
  • Cast Bar
  • Timers
  • OPie
  • Map
  • Buffs
  • Tooltips
  • Chat
  • Styling Addons
When taking the screenshot above I kept trying to summon Belfip using /cast summon Belfip, since I had no keybinds. It took me 5 minutes to realise why it wasn't working.


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