Tuesday, September 29, 2009

All aboard the failtrain

I've recently been looking around other blogs and checking with their authors on some advice on how to get a blog going, and their experiences in the first few weeks. Most have been in about the same position I'm in - a small case of writer's block. Having admitted that, a lot have led me to some blog communities such as the Twisted Nether Wiki and Blog Azeroth.

They both seem to be sites that want to help bloggers like myself get past the first couple of months, especially in those weeks where content just doesn't seem to be flowing. Blog Azeroth, however has a special little thing called 'Shared Topics'. I'm not too sure if I'm doing it properly, but from what I understood someone puts forward an idea, or a question, and everyone makes a blog about post about it!

Here's my shot at it then!

I am sure this topic has been covered, but among all my other fails I fail at searching.

I have noticed a string of my recent posts covered how I fail, often epically. I would like to see how others fail.

I think it is very good for newer players to see how those of us make dumb mistakes, even though we have been at this for quite a while.

I know what you're all thinking. How could a warlock as awesome as myself possibly fail at anything? Well sadly I've had my fair share. Most are barely worth mentioning such as that one time I decided to turn my motes into primals while flying very very high up. I've heard some people talk about Gnome pancakes before, but this was taking it to the next level.. of.. flatness?

However my most recent and probably most embarrassing was when a bunch of guildies failed at frogger. The boss after Patchwerk but before Grobbulus. You know the one, the boss that truly separates the raiders and the people with 'bad connections'. So I decided to stop one time and just add some salt to the wound. I put up a train set right on the corpse of a poor raider, only to get hit by an oncoming blob myself.

I'll have you know that my GM went on about it for the next hour, and made sure to remind me about it every time I decided to put a train set down.

Now that I've told you this, you'll do your best to forget about it as soon as possible and never mention it to anyone, ever.


Anonymous said...

Next hour...? It still makes me rofl :D It was a truly priceless sight, especially cause the setting up of the train succeeded, making the awesome warlock succesfully placing down a train for herself. :)
As i don't have a blog myself, i'll post my own failure here, even though it won't be getting you more readers.
One worth mentioning would be the discovery of this amazing thing called UI scale, a true revelation after 1,5 years of playing wow and changing my ui.
Another maybe less wow related one, might have occured when i suddenly found myself identifying a raiders' indiana jones soundtrack imitation as being the song from the A-team (and mentioning this out loud on Teamspeak...). Only to find everyone going quiet, real real quiet. It was like you could hear them rofling from all over Europe. :) Needless to say at that time i realized what the A-team sounded like, and how it differed from Indiana Jones.

It took you a while for the next post, but the train was worth the wait. And i didn't even have to log on to remind you!

Greetings from the ex-GM :)

Skraps said...

OMG I will have to remember the train set on my next Naxx run. We as a guild don't get back there much, but I am always asked to help out friends guilds when they are behind on progression or short a healer.

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