Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dear Wilfred

Yes you, Wilfred Fizzlebang. You really did fizzle out this time.

You're a disgrace to warlocks, and to gnomes. You enter the arena acting all high and mighty with your large ego. You tell us about the large fearsome doomguard you're going to summon, but use the wrong spell. Go back to level 60 and do the proper quests.

But you weren't done there were you? Nope. Not only did you get the spell wrong, but you couldn't even control the Eredar Lord you summoned. Honestly now, Belfip would've been a harder raid boss than Lord Jaraxxus, and I've been controlling Belfip since level 1.

On the other hand, this over sized pimple you summoned did drop some good loot for me and my friends, and for that I must thank you. At least your life wasn't a complete waste.


Anonymous said...

wilfred fizzlebang is the best

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